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X-Bust Veterinary


The X-Bust is very suitable for various applications in livestock farming due to its unique properties.

Many of these uses are covered by the veterinary protocols.

Therefore, if you have specific questions about this, please contact us.




  • Pest control

  • Fighting sting flies

  • Virus / bacteria treatment

  • Pest Control red mites / mites

  • Aerosole vaccination and antibiotic treatment

  • Stable disinfection


Thanks to the combination of high pressure, air support and Electrostatic droplet formation, work can be done very quickly and efficiently. Stable or cattle car disinfection, for example, in seconds. The active air support makes it easy to penetrate into all nooks and crannies, for example the interior of pipes or any hidden surface where normal means are not applicable

Xbust HH PC.png
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